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Specialty V Fixtures

Our Specialty “V” Fixture line consists of fixtures that are best suited for production operations on machines that use auto threaders. In addition, these fixtures are directly mounted to the machine table with full leveling ability – a concept that helps our custom production fixtures stand above the rest.

Using our main base and solid adapter, we have designed small custom pallets for holding multiple, smaller parts – or individual larger parts mounted to our matched pair, solid adapters. This unique set-up allows the operator to reset one fixture (or small pallet) while another one is burning.

We have also designed solutions for our customers using the basic design of our 10v fixtures and sized the pockets to customer specs. Then designed a receiver to allow the customer to load and transfer the loaded pallet into the machine and have continued precise referencing, then it is ready to burn. This allows for the operator to have consistent repeatability with the fixture and the loaded pallet.

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